Growing with Events

CEB3A931-4F14-46B8-9D7E-0219F62C6C53What are your business goals for the rest of this year?

Would you like to be the leading company in your market?  What about the opportunity to retain top customers or more leads?  As a small and growing business, hosting events on a regular basis is a great way to build up your client base, grow your network and generate revenues.

Events are extremely flexible and can accommodate many different business goals.  Let’s look to at how they can help support your growth and launch you into the new year.

What happens when your company hosts events:

  1. Generate Leads

Simply put, events are a brilliant way to fill your sales pipeline full of qualified leads!  If you’re going to run events primarily for lead generation purposes, then it’s important to get your sales or business development team involved.  This ensures that you have a long list of prospects to invite, and a really specific understanding of the types of people who should be there.

  1. You may learn something new

Conferences usually tend to have a learning component.  If you believe you know everything to know about business, you can still learn something new.  Just hearing or seeing an idea from else’s perspective can teach you an entirely new technique or process.

  1. Unpredictable opportunities

When I’m prepping for an event, I make note of what I hope to accomplish/achieve while attending the event.  When the affair has concluded, I review my notes and like to add what happened to support the things that I had wanted to accomplish.  

I like to check that everything I aimed to achieve in an event has been fulfilled, and to see if any new opportunities were presented to me unexpectedly.  I find it interesting that the details are rarely – if ever – what I would have anticipated before attending the event.

  1. Targeted Marketing

Sponsored events often cater to niche audiences or member organizations.  You gain opportunities to engage one on one with people looking for relevant product solutions.  Whether you’re involved with a local charity drive or a craft fair, the right event will attract highly interested customers.  

  1. Reinforces Your Market Position

Since it’s your event, you control how everything is done from start to finish.  The style of the event and how you run it will reinforce your brand and your position in the market.  The guests you invite will have the opportunity to have a great experience. They can associate your brand/product/company with the experience they had.

If you don’t have dedicated marketing and sales teams to rely on, you have to find a way to get the right audience to your events.  You will also have to manage your attendees with minimal resources. That is where hiring a professional team comes in. By hiring an event planner you can reap all of the benefits regarding your event, without any of the fuss involved in the planning.

Let us create an event that is tailored to your vision and will help your business grow!


Why hiring a Social Media Manager Makes sense!

Why hiring a Social Media Manager Makes sense!

social media

In a digital world, social media must be a part of your marketing plan.

How do you let your customers know about your sales, services, products, and promotions?

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn

Each of these platforms all serves a different medium in the market. Are you well versed in each area and how to best navigate in them?

Many small business owners feel they can manage social media on their own. They take time from running their business to post and engage on Facebook and Instagram. Most business owners are experts in their chosen field, they started their business because they love doing what they do. Then social media came along and changed the game for everything.

So what options do owners face?

Self Management: Taking time out of your busy day to run your own social media campaigns. This is the most expensive option, owners are the most valuable person in the company and being chained to social media does not allow them to guide the ship.

Employee Management:  Many businesses hire/ train internal employees to manage their social media accounts. Often this can result in mixed and inconsistent messages. Additionally having an employee manage your social media is still a costly way to run social media. To effectively manage all platforms of social media the average employee will need to spend 15 hours a week.  At the average hourly rate of $10 per hour. This employee will cost a small business $750 a month. Has that employee been trained in brand management?

Social Media Manager: By outsourcing social media management a small business can effectively compete in the ever-growing corporate dominated world of social media. Owners can focus on doing what they do best while saving time and money. Unlike an unskilled employee, a social media manager is trained in all aspects of social media.

Turning to a Social Media Manager will ensure someone is taking care of businesses social media accounts and their audience. The best part is they will work hand in hand with owners to ensure the brand projects the professional and positive image it should have.

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